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College of the Atlantic - Thorndike Library

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Thorncat Help

Basic Search

Go to Thorncat's  Basic Search, but first . . .

Here is some information about Thorncat's Basic Search options:

  1. We suggest you search All Formats.
  2. Enter your search terms.  These search tips will help give you better results.
  3. The Keyword dropdown box gives you several options to limit your search.  We recommend using these:
    1. Keyword  - searches your terms anywhere in the item record
    2. Title - finds words in the title field
    3. Author - finds words in the author field
    4. Subject - finds words in the subject field of the item record
    5. Note:  When you first begin searching, Keyword searching can take awhile to give you results.  If this is the case, we suggest you switch to searching on Title, Author or Subject and then try Keyword searching again.
  4. You can limit your search by library.  We are part of the Balsam Consortium which consists of a number of Maine public, school, and medical libraries.  We are currently the only academic library.  We suggest you leave the selection as is, on Thorndike Library.