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Getting Started on Your Research

In the Beginning

"The secret of getting ahead, is getting started."
                                                                     -Mark Twain


Research is an opportunity to learn and explore.  Your assignment will be much easier to complete if you give yourself the time needed to do good research.  We have many resources here in the library.  However, when we don't have what you need, we can usually get it through interlibrary loan as long as you have planned ahead.  

Keep in mind, research is a process. Stay flexible.  It is not uncommon that as you begin your research you find that your topic is too broad or too narrow and needs revising.  It may also be that you also realize there is a more interesting aspect of your topic that you want to explore than the one you chose.  The steps outlined in the following pages are not a one-way path.  You will find yourself going back and forth between these steps as you proceed with your research.