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Recent Acquisitions

April - June 2018

The following books and videos have been purchased or donated to the library and were cataloged between Apr-Jun 2018.

Call Number




A: General Works

AY 40.O42 2017

the old farmers almanac

B: Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

B 1296 .A62 1955

john locke

aaron, richard i

B 2137 .S7 13 1988

jean jacques rousseau, transparency and obstruction

starobinski, jean

B 2430 .F724 C36 1994

the cambridge companion to foucault


B 2430 .F724 M554 1993

the passion of michel foucault

miller, jim

B 2947 .P56 2000


pinkard, terry p

B 2948 .C28 1993

the cambridge companion to hegel


B 2948 .D6 1987


dickey, laurence winant

B 3305 .M74 B717 2001

marx, the young hegelians and the origins of radical social theory

breckman, warren

B 3317 .N425 1985

nietzsche, life as literature

nehamas, alexander

B 3329 .S481 O63 1992

on feeling, knowing and valuing

scheler, max

B 4815 .L84 R64 1992


rockmore, tom

B 53 .R68

philosophy and the mirror of nature

rorty, richard

B 809.8 .S334 1987

the violence of abstraction

sayer, derek

B 824 .E8713 2012

third person

esposito, roberto

B2 993 .B47 1993

the magus of the north

berlin, isaiah

BD 163 .H2213 1971

knowledge and human interests

habermas, jurgen

BD 396 .L4313 1969

totality and infinity

levinas, emmanuel

BD 418.8 .G46 2007

genesis redux


BF 108 .U5 C36 1999

psychologists on the march

capshew, james h

BF 109 .F74 A4 1993

the complete correspondence of sigmund freud and ernest jones, 1908 1939

freud, sigmund

BF 109 .F74 S38


schur, max

BF 109 .J8 N65 1994

the jung cult

noll, richard

BF109 .L28 H55 1997

lacan for beginners

hill, philip

BF 109 .L28 S88 1999

lacan and the new wave in american psychoanalysis


BF 173 .F6253 V.1-14

the standard edition of the complete psychological works of sigmund freud

freud, sigmund

BF 173 .F85 M2813 1971


mannoni, octave

BF 173 .F896 1998



BF 175 .F646 1997

dispatches from the freud wars

forrester, john

BF 175 .R672 1992

freud, jung and hall the king maker

rosenzweig, saul

BF 175.4 .R44 B46 1998

freud and the legacy of moses

bernstein, richard j

BF 241 .V575 2008

visual sense


BF 311 .C6534 2012

consciousness in interaction


BF 315 .M494 2007

clios circle


BF 318.5 .B38 1994

peripheral visions

bateson, mary catherine

BF 458 .P535 1999

c g jung and the psychology of symbolic forms

pietikainen, petteri

BF 575 .F2 S687 2006

american fear

stearns, peter n

BF 575 .S37 T39 2018

the body is not an apology

taylor, sonya renee

BF 697 .F68 1988

locke and the scriblerians

fox, christopher

BF 698.35 .R47 M37 2018

type r

marston, ama

BF 711.R53 1987

darwin and the emergence of evolutionary theories of mind and behavior

richards, robert j

BF 789 .F5 B313

the psychoanalysis of fire

bachelard, gaston

BH 301 .L3 S85 2015

what is landscape

stilgoe, john r

BH 301 .M54

the condition of postmodernity


BL 240.3 .H365 2017

the territories of science and religion

harrison, peter

BL 245 .R43 2009

recent themes in the history of science and religion


BL 2775.3 .H37 2004

the end of faith

harris, sam

BL 41 .M3 1967

the eighteenth century confronts the gods

manuel, frank edward

BL 600 .R37 1999

ritual and religion in the making of humanity

rappaport, roy a

BL 65 .S8 S75 1994

religious regimes in peru

spier, fred

BL 80.2 .E43

occultism, witchcraft and cultural fashions

eliade, mircea

BL1923 .M4313 2015

daoist meditation


BP 172 .G758 2010

the tenth parallel

griswold, eliza

BP 63 .I68 K43 1995

iran and the muslim world

keddie, nikki r

BQ 7616 .T538 1996

tibetan voices


BR 350 .E7 M33 2018

fatal discord

massing, michael

BR 516 .K658 2005

the godless constitution

kramnick, isaac

BR 877 .F74 G5613 2013

the cheese and the worms

ginzburg, carlo

BX 1795 .H82 C38313 2015

laudato si

catholic church

C: Auxiliary Sciences of History

CB 113 .H4 H3713 2015


harari, yuval n

CB 19 .S68 1996

the structure of big history from the big bang until today

spier, fred

CB 251 .H63 2004

the eastern origins of western civilization

hobson, john m

CB 351.L413 1988

medieval civilization, 400 1500

le goff, jacques

CB 417 .C87 2000

the world and the west

curtin, philip d

CB 430 .G58 2002

globalization and civilizations

D: World History

D 13 .B54 1997

maps and history

black, jeremy

D 15 .B8 B87 2001

the letters of jacob burckhardt

burckhardt, jacob

D 15 .H63 A3 2002

interesting times

hobsbawm, e j

D 16.16 .P66 1985

the structure of mind in history

pomper, philip

D 16.25 .I527 2005



D 16.8 .F85 1992

the end of history and the last man

fukuyama, francis

D 16.8 .R6813 1987

the dark abyss of time

rossi, paolo

D 16.9 .P2654 1999

revolutions and history

parker, noel

D 214 .B58 1998

war and the world

black, jeremy

D 246 .W55 2001


wills, john e

D 395.C595 2007

competing visions of world order


D 431 .S23 2012


sacco, joe

D 744.4 .B45 2006

choices under fire

bess, michael

DA 118 .K77 2003

the making of english national identity

kumar, krishan

DA 152.2 .L33 2000

the year 1000

lacey, robert

DA 260 .S49 2014

richard iii, englands black legend

seward, desmond

DA 435 .J37 2008

going dutch

jardine, lisa

DA 533 .H19 2002

civilising subjects

hall, catherine

DA 890 .E2 B82 2003

crowded with genius

buchan, james

DC 33.7 .J84 1992

past imperfect

judt, tony

DC 729 .M56513 1999

panorama of paris

mercier, louis sebastien

DG 545 .V4513 1989

the end of the old regime in europe, 1768 1776

venturi, franco

DJ 158 .S32 1988

the embarrassment of riches

schama, simon

DK 189.2 .E85 2011

internal colonization

etkind, aleksandr

DK 266.4 .B69 1994

common places

boym, svetlana

DK 510 .766 .P87 J83 2013

fragile empire

judah, ben

DK 510.762 .R87 1996

russian culture at the crossroads


DK 510.766 .P87 D39 2014

putins kleptocracy

dawisha, karen

DS 135 .R73 B35 2000

will to freedom

balas, egon

DS 33.4 .U6 K55 2003

cold war orientalism

klein, christina

DS 36.85 .H63 V.1

the venture of islam

hodgson, marshall g s

DS 380 .P8 L56 1982

generosity and jealousy

lindholm, charles

DS 412 .A73 1980

early views of india

archer, mildred

DS 461 .R35 1990

the raj


DS 559.8 .S6 N48 2017

nothing ever dies

nguyen, viet thanh

DS 738 .A53 2016

the gunpowder age

andrade, tonio

DS 822.5 .S3895 1994

the old sow in the back room

sergeant, harriet

DS 830 .O33 1993

rice as self

ohnuki tierney, emiko

DS 869 .A3 M54 2003

samurai william

milton, giles

DT 295 .C6115 2002

a diplomatic revolution

connelly, matthew james

DT 472 .P43 2004

the masked rider

peart, neil

DT 611.76 .K37 A3 2001

another day of life

kapuscinski, ryszard

DT 650 .P94 B72 1992


bradford, phillips verner

O/S DS 489.7 .D48 1989

sri lanka through french eyes

dewaraja, lorna srimathie

E: History of the Americas

E 111 .W65 1991

the mysterious history of columbus

wilford, john noble

E 165 .T84 1984

domestic manners of the americans

trollope, frances milton

E 169.1 .L58 1994

pragmatism and the political economy of cultural revolution, 1850 1940

livingston, james

E 169.1 .O9

our selves our past


E 169.12 .K36 2013

the post human society

kanth, rajani kannepalli

E 175 .R48 2002

rethinking american history in a global age


E 179 .D693 2018

the source

doyle, martin

E 179.5 .H62

turner and the sociology of the frontier

hofstadter, richard

E 184 .C5E9 2002

the expanding roles of chinese americans in u s china relations


E 185.615 .F526 2016

the fire this time


E 302 .F82 1987


franklin, benjamin

E 322 .A516 v.1

the adams jefferson letters

jefferson, thomas

E 322 .A516 v.2

the adams jefferson letters

jefferson, thomas

E 338 .H69 2007

what hath god wrought

howe, daniel walker

E 444 .B95 1988

bullwhip days


E 449 .D75 O15 2007

the radical and the republican

oakes, james

E 457 .S897 1982

lincolns quest for union

strozier, charles b

E 457.3 F4 1962

prelude to greatness

fehrenbacher, don e

E 457.4 .J32 2009

crisis of the house divided

jaffa, harry v

E 457.8 .D69 2001

lincoln reconsidered

donald, david herbert

E 459 .P67 2011

the impending crisis

potter, david morris

E 745 .D69 2010

cultures of war

dower, john w

E 814 .W45 2016

the year of indecision, 1946

weisbrode, kenneth

E 9 8.C89 P43 1988

savagism and civilization

pearce, roy harvey

E 99 .S22 E1844 2010

living in two worlds

eastman, charles a

F: History of the Americas

F 1230 .T48 1993


thomas, hugh

F 128.9 .N3S7 1980

harlem mecca of the new negro


F 128.9 .N4 S53 2001

back in the days

shabazz, jamel

F 1413 .S55 2014

modern latin america

skidmore, thomas e

F 27 .A75 W66 2004

the lobster coast

woodard, colin

F 27 .A75 W66 2004

the lobster coast

woodard, colin

F 27 .M9 N38 2018

acadia national park draft transportation plan environmental impact statement

acadia national park agency u s

F 2846 .S26 S28 1994

sarmiento, author of a nation


F 29 .L63 S66 2011

somalis in maine


F 29 .L63 S66 2011

somalis in maine


F 67 .M43 S57 1985

the life and times of cotton mather

silverman, kenneth

F 788 .K55 2012

reconstructing the view

klett, mark

F 868 .Y6 K55 2005

yosemite in time

klett, mark

O/S F 1216.5 .R85 2002

juan rulfos mexico

rulfo, juan

G: Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

G 71.5 .L48 1997

the myth of continents

lewis, martin w

GB 661.2 .P67 2017


postel, sandra

GC 1018.5 .M37 2017

marine and coastal resource management


GC 1018.5 .W655 2017

marine ecosystem based management in practice

wondolleck, julia marie

GE 40.T42 2009



GE 42 .F88 2010

future ethics


GF 21 .S4 2013

second nature


GN 296 .L63 2018

an anthropology of biomedicine

lock, margaret m

GN 302 .D57 1986

discourse and the social life of meaning


GN 308.3 .G7 G66 1995

the expansive moment

goody, jack

GN 308.3 .G7 K85 1993

the savage within

kuklick, henrika

GN 345 .B36 2011

research methods in anthropology

bernard, h russell

GN 345 .I373 2013


ingold, tim

GN 347 .P56 2015

doing sensory ethnography

pink, sarah

GN 449.6 .H93 2007

the gift

hyde, lewis

GN 452.5 .I54 2016


ingold, tim

GN 495.6 .C68 2001

the construction of minorities


GR 111 .A47 A55 2018

the annotated african american folktales


GR 75 .B52 T38 2004

secrets beyond the door

tatar, maria

GV199.5.M66 2016

on trails

moor, robert

O/S G 81 .W47 2000

mapping the world

whitfield, peter

H: Social Sciences

H 35 .S9178 1992

on liberty, society and politics

sumner, william graham

H 53 .U5 R67 1991

the origins of american social science

ross, dorothy

H 61 .H2513 1988

on the logic of the social sciences

habermas, jurgen

H 62.5 .U5 S56 2015

social studies for secondary schools

singer, alan j

HA 29 .P639 1998

a history of the modern fact

poovey, mary

HB 103 .S6 A4 1987

the correspondence of adam smith

smith, adam

HB 144 .E97 2014

experimenting with social norms


HB 3731 .F79 2011

beyond mechanical markets

frydman, roman

HB 501 .M3561 2010

das kapital

marx, karl

HB 75 .R38 2017

doughnut economics

raworth, kate

HB 835 .E84 2011

ethical consumption


HB145.C476 2010

economic complexity and equilibrium illusion

chen, ping

HC 110 .E44 E43 2010

the great american mission

ekbladh, david

HC 110 .P6 H43 2012

days of destruction, days of revolt

hedges, chris

HC 241.2 .G54 2003

european integration, 1950 2003

gillingham, john

HC 435 .N54 2009

imagining india

nilekani, nandan

HC 79 .C6 C673 1993

consumption and the world of goods


HC 79 .C63 H55 2009

prosperity for all

hilton, matthew

HC 79 .P6 B582 2018

twenty years of life

bohan, suzanne

HD 1417 .P84 2012

public policy and agricultural development


HD 2756 .M66 1999

birth of the multinational

moore, karl

HD 82  .M28 1961

the achieving society

mcclelland, david c

HD 82 .B395 2006

the origin of wealth

beinhocker, eric d

HD 82 .T552 2015

economic development

todaro, michael p

HD 9000.5 .H69 2018

how to feed the world


HD 9006 .C718 2010

farmer jane

costa, temra

HD 9014 .B8 C47 2018

beginning to end hunger

chappell, m jahi

HD 9415 .G46 2014

the chain

genoways, ted

HD 9502 .A2 W413 2016

thirst for power

webber, michael e

HD 9502.5 .C543 U6465 2017

energy democracy


HD 9502.5 .W552 B33 2018

wind power

backwell, ben

HD 9565 .G65 2014

the boom

gold, russell

HE 2751 .W23 1986

railroads and the character of america, 1820 1887

ward, james arthur

HF 1379 .P653 1991

the political economy of merchant empires


HF 479 .S65 1991

creating a world economy

smith, alan k

HF 5549.5 .J63 G73 2018

bullshit jobs

graeber, david

HF 5813 .U6 S55 1998

soap, sex and cigarettes

sivulka, juliann

HM 101 .R63 1996

on voluntary servitude

rosen, michael

HM 1236 .S74 2005

global outrage

stearns, peter n

HM 221 .C366 1997

the power of identity

castells, manuel

HM 24 .C229 1996

the myth of social action

campbell, colin

HM 24 .W483 1995

perversion and utopia

whitebook, joel

HM 24 .W48613 1994

the frankfurt school

wiggershaus, rolf

HM 276 .H744 1993

the anatomy of antiliberalism

holmes, stephen

HM 477 .U6 S53 2011

pragmatism & democracy

shalin, dmitri n

HM 621 .E67 2005

empire of the senses


HM 881 .S64 2015

the social movements reader


HM 886 .G46 2010

extremely violent societies

gerlach, christian

HN 380 .Z9 S6466 1992

social orders and social classes in europe since 1500


HN 65 .L49 2017

the unfinished social entrepreneur

lewis, jonathan c

HN 723 .P37 2004


partner, simon

HN 980 .Q47 2000

questions of modernity


HN 981 .C6 F76 2000

from modernization to globalization


HQ 1155 .B42 2017

women & power

beard, mary

HQ 1190 .G76 1994

volatile bodies

grosz, e a

HQ 1190 .M355 2016

feminism is queer

marinucci, mimi

HQ 1391 .F7 L36 1988

women and the public sphere in the age of the french revolution

landes, joan b

HQ 71 .O57 2000

stepchildren of nature

oosterhuis, harry

HQ 77.9 .B67 2016

gender outlaw

bornstein, kate

HQ 783 .L48 1992

maternal influence

levy, marion j

HQ 980.5 .U5 E27 2017

the ethical slut

easton, dossie

HS 416 .J33 1991

living the enlightenment

jacob, margaret c

HT 1048 .G45 1988

the world the slaveholders made

genovese, eugene d

HT 1521. M377 2010

racial and cultural dynamics in group and organizational life

mcrae, mary b

HT 166 .M393 2015

conservation for cities

mcdonald, robert ian

HT 167 .W55 2018

resilience for all

wilson, barbara b

HT 175 .S64 2012

walkable city

speck, jeff

HT 185 .G37 2016

what makes a great city

garvin, alexander

HT 241 .K73 2015

civic ecology

krasny, marianne e

HV 2380 .R38 1999

i see a voice

ree, jonathan

HV 6570.2 .O78 2014


ortiz, wendy c

HV 9473 .B3813 1970

on the penitentiary system in the united states and its application in france

beaumont, gustave de

HX 260 .H8 L783

history and class consciousness

lukacs, gyorgy

HX 288 .G7 A4213 1989

letters from prison

gramsci, antonio

HX 288 .G7 A58

hegemony and revolution

adamson, walter l

HX 291 .G7 1967

the modern prince, and other writings

gramsci, antonio

HX 39.5 .A213 1975 V.1-4

karl marx, frederick engels

marx, karl

HX 39.5 .A213 1975 V.6

karl marx, frederick engels

marx, karl

HX 39.5 .A213 1975 V.26

karl marx, frederick engels

marx, karl

HX 39.5 .A213 1975 v.28-29

karl marx, frederick engels

marx, karl

HX 39.5 .A213 1975 v.38

karl marx, frederick engels

marx, karl

HX 39.5 .A213 1975 v.41

karl marx, frederick engels

marx, karl

HX 39.5 .A853

the social and political thought of karl marx

avineri, shlomo

HX 704 .F9 B34 1986

charles fourier

beecher, jonathan

J: Political Science

JA 71 .B584 2007

a philosophy of political myth

bottici, chiara

JA 71 .C566 2013

comparative political thought


JA 71 .G53 1999

the politics of postmodernity

gibbins, john r

JA 71 .R225 1993

radical philosophy


JA 74.5 .P36 2000

political psychology


JA 75.8 .R43 2006

reimagining political ecology


JA 83 .K6613 1988

critique and crisis

koselleck, reinhart

JC 233. H46 K44

hegels retreat from eleusis

kelly, george armstrong

JC 311 .I42 1994

blood and belonging

ignatieff, michael

JC 336 .B25 1998

a place for us

barber, benjamin r

JC 336 .C65 1992

civil society and political theory

cohen, jean l

JC 385 .K25

the kings two bodies

kantorowicz, ernst h

JC 423 .S9755 2009

neo pragmatism, communication and the culture of creative democracy

swartz, omar

JC 571 .L285 1998

the evolution of international human rights

lauren, paul gordon

JC 574 .O64 1997

requiem for modern politics

ophuls, william

JC143.M4H78 1983

citizen machiavelli

hulliung, mark

JK 1726 .B27 1998

a passion for democracy

barber, benjamin r

JK 1726 .L36 2006

democracys edge

lappe, frances moore

JK 31 .M55 1975

a biography of the constitution of the united states

mitchell, broadus

JN 6695 .A55 A859 2015

the red web

soldatov, andrei

JQ 1510 .G65 1994

sowing the seeds of democracy in china

goldman, merle

JS 7373 .A2 J37 2003

japans road to pluralism


JV 105 .W35 2003

the great land rush and the making of the modern world, 1650 1900

weaver, john c

JV 51 .O8713 1997


osterhammel, jurgen

JV 6475 .D4 2015

the land of open graves

de leon, jason

JV 6600 .L85 2017

tell me how it ends

luiselli, valeria

JZ 1305 .M332 2011

the unfinished global revolution

brown, mark malloch

JZ 1318 .B615 2007

the blackwell companion to globalization


JZ 1480 .B64 2005

a new deal for the world

borgwardt, elizabeth

O/S JV 7925 .E98 2017


evans, kate

REF JK 2871 .A3 2017

senate and house registers, state of maine


K: Law

KF 8742 .B35 2016

the supreme court

baum, lawrence

L: Education

LB 1060 .K62 1992

lasting lessons

knapp, clifford

LB 1584 .R86 2014

essentials of middle and secondary social studies

russell, william b

LB 2367.4 .F58 2015

5 lb book of gre practice problems


LB 2367.4 .G65 2017

the official guide to the gre general test


LB 2367.4 .K387 2015

gre verbal workbook


LB 2367.4 .O35 2017

official gre verbal reasoning practice questions


LB 2367.4 .O352 2017

official gre quantitative reasoning practice questions


LC 213.2 .S58 2013

more courageous conversations about race

singleton, glenn e

M: Music

ML 1015 .G9 W24 1999

instruments of desire

waksman, steve

ML 2075 .B84 2016

hearing the movies

buhler, james

ML 3534 .W26 2009

this aint the summer of love

waksman, steve

N: Fine Arts

N 6496 .W45 D386 2014

new view


N 6512.5 .C55 S65 2004

all riot on the western front

smith, winston

N 6847 .W55 1968

degas racing world

wildenstein and company new york, n y

N 6868 .A53 2007

german artists and hitlers mind

andersen, wayne

N 6923 .L33 A85 2001

freud, leonardo da vinci and the vultures tail

andersen, wayne v

N 72 .A56 A48 2017

alternative art and anthropology


N 72 .A56 B48 2010

between art and anthropology


N 7476 .S77 1999

between dog & wolf

strauss, david levi

NA 1121 .V4 R7 2001

the stones of venice

ruskin, john

NA 2542.35 .K56 1996

emancipating space

king, ross

NA 2542.4 .C37 2017

design for good

cary, john

NB 1220 .M4 2001

direct metal sculpture

meilach, dona z

NB 133 .A64 2003

the ara pacis of augustus and mussolini

andersen, wayne

NC 1429 .P49 A4 2015

homo americanus

pettibon, raymond

NC 1495 .W4 1982

a human comedy

wechsler, judith

NC 242 .T

fourteen letters

topolski, feliks

NC 750 .P2313 1991

perspective as symbolic form

panofsky, erwin

ND 237 .W935 A4 2014

jamie wyeth

wyeth, jamie

ND 550 .C75 1985

painters and public life in eighteenth century paris

crow, thomas e

ND 623 .L5 E377 1961

leonardo da vinci

eissler, k r

NE 1147.6 .B47 U94 2007

natures engraver

uglow, jennifer s

NK 1520 .S74 2012

a framework for geodesign

steinitz, carl

NX 542 .B88 1994

early modernism

butler, christopher

NX 550 .A1 I53 1998

the imperialist imagination


NX 650 .I35 J66 2012

seeing differently

jones, amelia

NX 650 .M64 M68 2015

moving image


O/S N 6447 .H86 1992b

modern art

hunter, sam

O/S N 6550 .M48 1990



O/S N 7153 .O43 A4 2007

take your time

san francisco museum of modern art

O/S N 7477 .M48 2017

the artist project

metropolitan museum of art new york, n y

O/S N 7606 .R46 2011

the renaissance portrait


O/S NB 511.5 .M47 A4 2010

franz xaver messerschmidt


O/S NC 998.5 .A1 L86 1996

mixing messages

lupton, ellen

O/S ND 673 .C49 A4 1994

petrus christus

ainsworth, maryan w

O/S NE 1150.35 .E9 G46 1994

german expressionist woodcuts


O/S NE 654 .D9 A4 2002

albrecht durer and his legacy

bartrum, giulia

O/S NX 180 .I57 A77 2018

art in the age of the internet

P: Literature

P 106 .P476 1994

the language instinct

pinker, steven

P 94.6 .H46513 2013

cultures of mediatization

hepp, andreas

P 99 .S52 1983

the subject of semiotics

silverman, kaja

PE 1421 .W545 2017


williams, joseph m

PG 1620.29 .I44 H6813 2017

the hotel tito

simic bodrozic, ivana

PG 3333 .M4 2004

dead souls

gogol, nikolai vasilevich

PJ 5054 .O9 2010

rhyming life and death

oz, amos

PJ 7962 .A293 F7313 2018

frankenstein in baghdad

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the years, months days

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monstrous imagination

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the mind of modernism


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poetry like bread


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the seagull reader


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the worriers guide to life

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anderson, laurie halse

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prince, liz

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delisle, guy

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first year out

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the thrilling adventures of lovelace and babbage

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meetings of the mind

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the first and second discourses

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like a fading shadow

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dear diego

poniatowska, elena

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the guillotine squad

arriaga jordan, guillermo

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story of my teeth

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fever dream

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translating neruda

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veinte poemas de amor y una cancin desesperada

neruda, pablo

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one hundred years of solitude

garcia marquez, gabriel

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psychoanalysis and shakespeare

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samuel butler, victorian against the grain


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confessions of an english opium eater

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in pursuit of a scientific culture

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dr jekyll and mr hyde


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retreat into the mind

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the ultimate hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

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dreams of authority

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philip, marlene nourbese

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the red word

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emezi, akwaeke

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the new negro


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the vagina monologues

ensler, eve

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vivas to those who have failed

espada, martin

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espada, martin

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the trouble ball

espada, martin

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how to be drawn

hayes, terrance

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the sixteen pleasures

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no time to spare

le guin, ursula k

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tales of the city

maupin, armistead

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the overstory

powers, richard

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one with others

wright, c d

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fridlund, emily

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long soldier, layli

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ortiz, wendy c

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pena, daniel

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the women in the castle

shattuck, jessica

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dont call us dead

smith, danez

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the parking lot attendant

tamirat, nafkote

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call me zebra

van der vliet oloomi, azareen

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vang, mai der

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waheed, nayyirah

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renga for obama


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death of a nation

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boyle, nicholas

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the golem

meyrink, gustav

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the passport

muller, herta

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the atlas of literature


Q - End

Q: Science

Q 125 .C34 1994

a vital rationalist

canguilhem, georges

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thematic origins of scientific thought

holton, gerald james

Q 125.2 .J365 1999

ingenious pursuits

jardine, lisa

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the curious life of robert hooke

jardine, lisa

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the beauty of numbers in nature

stewart, ian

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a social history of truth

shapin, steven

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preparing teachers for three dimensional instruction


Q 335 .B685 2014


bostrom, nick

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theory of the artificial

negrotti, massimo

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the royal society concept and creation

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the sum of our discontent

boyle, david

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classical probability in the enlightenment

daston, lorraine

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r for data science

wickham, hadley

QA 76.5915 .B73 2015

the stack

bratton, benjamin h

QA 76.6 .G643 2017

girl code

gonzales, andrea

QA 76.73 .P98 M42 2018

python for data analysis

mckinney, wes

QA 76.73 .P98 Z98 2017

python programming

zelle, john m

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galileo, courtier

biagioli, mario

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epic of evolution

chaisson, eric

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ambitious science teaching

windschitl, mark

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six ideas that shaped physics

moore, thomas a

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climate change in wildlands


QD 415 .L44 2017

lehninger principles of biochemistry

nelson, david l

QH 104 .M57 2015


mitsch, william j

QH 135 .H57 2005



QH 431 .K24 2012

the violinists thumb

kean, sam

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the new ecology

schmitz, oswald j

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learning landscape ecology


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foundations of restoration ecology


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routledge handbook of forest ecology


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marine ecological processes

valiela, ivan

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soil health, soil biology soilborne diseases and sustainable agriculture

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growing a revolution

montgomery, david r

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methods in stream ecology


QH 541.5 .S7 M47 2017 v.2

methods in stream ecology


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principles of thermal ecology

clarke, a

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wildlife in the anthropocene

lorimer, jamie

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restoring neighborhood streams

riley, ann l

QH 84 .C65 2016


cox, c barry

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patterns in nature

sanderson, james

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marine biodiversity, climatic variability and global change

beaugrand, gregory

QK 46.5 .D58 N33 2009

where our food comes from

nabhan, gary paul

QK 46.5 .D58 N33 2009

where our food comes from

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reproductive biology of plants


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the curious life of krill

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ecological and environmental physiology of insects

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catalog of the beetles coleoptera of mount desert island, maine from early to mid 1900s

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maine atlas of breeding seabird and coastal wading bird colonies 1960 2011

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once they were hats

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wild life

braverman, irus

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wildlife conservation on farmland


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when species meet

haraway, donna jeanne

QP 376 .F37 2013


farinella, matteo

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longevity rules


O/S QD 453.3 .T759 2017


tro, nivaldo j

O/S QH 581.2 .E78 2014

essential cell biology

alberts, bruce

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cell biology

pollard, thomas d

O/S QL 715 .H15 1981 VOL. 2

the mammals of north america

hall, eugene raymond

O/S QP 355.2 .B42 2016


bear, mark f

R: Medicine

R 724 .B4582 2016



RA 407.3 .U572 2016 pt.1-2

health, united states 2016


RA 418.3 .U6 N57 1988

sex, diet and debility in jacksonian america

nissenbaum, stephen

RA 644 .L94 P44 2018


pfeiffer, mary beth

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the wolf man

pankejeff, sergius

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approaching hysteria

micale, mark s

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lost connections

hari, johann

S: Agriculture

S 451.5 .B65 A25 2016

street farm

ableman, michael

S 494.5 .A65 T64 2016

the carbon farming solution

toensmeier, eric

S 494.5 .S86 B47 2016

farm to table

benjamin, darryl

S 494.5 .S86 K64 2014

the emergent agriculture

kleppel, g s

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cities of farmers


S 592.5 .S656 2016

the chemistry of soils

sposito, garrison

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how to build, maintain and use a compost system

smith, kelly m

SB 117 .N189

heirloom seeds and their keepers

nazarea, virginia d

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the greenhouse and hoophouse growers handbook

mefferd, andrew

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the organic gardeners handbook

tozer, frank

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dendroclimatic studies

darrigo, rosanne

SD 387 .O43 M33 2016

natures temples

maloof, joan

SD 387 .S55 S63 2016

the social lives of forests


SD 390.7 .C55 L37 2014

forests in our changing world

landsberg, j j

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horse powered farming for the 21st century

leslie, stephen

SF 523.5 .S6313 2017


socha, piotr

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big chicken

mckenna, maryn

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global atlas of marine fisheries


O/S SF 997.5 .M35 C73 2018

crc handbook of marine mammal medicine

T: Technology

T 15 .A33 2014

machines as the measure of men

adas, michael

TD 193 .S7 2012

chemistry of the environment

spiro, thomas g

TD 195 .E49 R85 2014

solar, wind and land

rule, troy a

TD 195 .E49 S688 2015

environmental impacts of renewable energy

spellman, frank r

TD 403 .A39 2017

high and dry

alley, william m

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the zero waste solution

connett, p h

TD 799.85 .L47 2018

reassembling rubbish

lepawsky, josh

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street design

massengale, john montague

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accelerating sustainable energy transition s in developing countries

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the great transition

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let it shine

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the heavens and the earth

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the chemistry of beer

barth, roger

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the wildcrafting brewer

baudar, pascal

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third views, second sights


TS 171.4 .D488 2011

design with the other 90


TX 402 .G7613 2016

ocean greens


TX 402 .M33 1985

sea vegetables

mcconnaughey, evelyn

TX 402 .O26 2017


oconnor, kaori

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salted & cured

roberts, jeffrey p

TX 651 .H377 2017

chemistry in your kitchen

hartings, matthew

O/S TR 642 .M336 2016


mcdowell, bill

U: Military Science

U 101 .S95 1988b

the art of war


Z: Bibliography. Library Science. Information Resources (General)

O/S Z 246 .A554 2015

the layout book

ambrose, gavin

Video Collection

VIDEO BF 724.3 .S86 O94 2017



VIDEO GV 1783 .P563 2012


Zine Collection


back to nappy

adair, roechelle


do it afraid

adair, roechelle


the dvorak zine

longstreth, alec


eternal nap

kennedy, heather


facebook chats with women

heathcock, clara


home composting made easy

mcdowell, c forrest


how to get along with introverts

chapman, benjamin


a not boring and very important introduction to personal finance

beck, anna jo


primitive toothcare

walking wolf, rowan


radical cheerleader handbook #3




resist, mat


they call me rocket



dont be retarted

biel, joel


hairy femme mother

venegas, jen


i live for beauty

harvey, sarah s





rad rag your flow is fly

grey, nyxia


rj research club #3

cunningham, margaret


rj research club #4 fake clinics & their real money the rise and rise of public funding for religious crisis pregnancy centers in the united states and dodgy private money too

cunningham, margaret


the reverse cougar years



tings i learned at college

auciello, shlomit


welcome to nursing hell

craig, joel

Juvenile Collection

ER JUV LC 2330 .Y6825 2017

malalas magic pencil

yousafzai, malala

ER JUV PZ 7 .B7806 Wh 2017

why am i me

britt, paige

ER JUV PZ 7.1 .B863 2018

a day in the life of marlon bundo

bundo, marlon

ER JUV PZ 7.1 F595 Sto 2017

stolen words

florence, melanie

ER JUV QC 25.K39 1983

introduction to physics

kent, amanda

ER JUV QH 541.5 .S35 S528 2016


sill, cathryn p

IR JUV HQ 671 .L577 2017

the little book of little activists


IR JUV PN 1972 C25 2018

puppetry in theater

capaccio, george

IR JUV PS 3608 .E39 E53 2017

the end of the wild

helget, nicole lea

IR JUV PZ 7 .M516 Yo 2017

you cant be too careful

mello, roger

IR JUV PZ 7.1 .M34 Mad 2018

the mad wolfs daughter

magras, diane

IR JUV PZ 7.1 .W4292 Mu 2017

the murderers ape

wegelius, jakob

IR JUV TT 174.7 .K46 2004

puppet mania

kennedy, john e

YA JUV BF 637 .B85 D43 2011

dear bully


YA JUV HQ 35 .H37 2015


hasler, nikol

YA JUV HQ 73 .M37 2016

the abcs of lgbt+

mardell, ashley

YA JUV PN 1972 .F573 1973

marionettes how to make and work them

fling, helen

YA JUV PS 3618 .E9753 L66 2017

long way down

reynolds, jason

YA JUV PZ 7 .S65932 Fl 2010


smith, sherri l

YA JUV QL 755.5 .L39 1995

discover nature at sundown

lawlor, elizabeth p