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Finding Articles

Find Articles Using the Library's Databases ‚Äč

Finding Journals

Are you wondering if we have a particular journal?  Do you have a citation like the following and want to know if the article is available in one of our databases?

Petersen, C. W. "Sexual conflict and cooperation in hermaphroditic fishes." INTEGRATIVE AND COMPARATIVE BIOLOGY. Vol. 44. No. 6. 1313 DOLLEY MADISON BLVD, NO 402, MCLEAN, VA 22101 USA: SOC INTEGRATIVE COMPARATIVE BIOLOGY, 2004.

The name of the journal in the citation above is Integrative and Comparative Biology. To find out if we have access to this journal, do a search on Comparative Biology:


You'll get a result that looks like this:

This shows that the full text of articles from Integrative and Comparative Biology are available in our database BioOne from 2002 to 2004.  Since our citation above shows that the article we want is from 2004, we should be able to find it in this database.  So, you would just need to click on BioOne and do a title search on "Sexual Conflict and cooperation in hermaphroditic fishes."

Recommended Journals

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