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Discard Studies

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In Thorndike Library

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Beyond Thorndike . . .

Search these catalogs to find books in libraries beyond Thorndike.  We can get most books for you via interlibrary loan, often within just a few days.  Email us the book(s) you need at:

Recommended Books

Browse Our Library Shelves

Each library book is shelved according to its call number, based on the  Library of Congress classification system. The call number is located on the spine of the book. Browse our library shelves for these call numbers to find books related to discard studies.

HD 9000-9495 Agriculture Industries (including food and society)

S 631-667  Improvement of the Soil (including Composting)

TD 1 - 10066  Environmental technology. Sanitary engineering

TD 169-171.8  Environmental Pollution

TD 194-195  Environmental effects of industries and plants

TD 419-428  Water Pollution

TD 511-780  Sewage collection and disposal systems.

TD 783-812.5  Municipal refuse.  Solid wastes

TD 813-870  Street cleaning.  Litter and its removal

TD 878-894  Soil, air, and noise pollution

TD 896-899  Industrial and factory wastes

TD 920-934  Rural and farm sanitary engineering

TD 1020-1066  Hazardous substances and their disposal