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Finding Senior Projects

ou can search for senior projects in Thorncat, our online catalog.

  1. Go to Thorncat's  Advanced Search.
  2. Enter "senior project".
  3. In the next search box enter your keyword search term; i.e.,  ecology.
  4. Select Search.
  5. n the results, find the senior project you want to view.  Jot down the author and title. 
  6. Contact a library staff member to view the senior project.

A Sampling of Senior Projects

The COA senior projects are housed in the COA Archives.  The archives are located in the Thorndike Library.  To view a senior project, contact a library staff member.  Please Note:  Senior projects do not leave the library.

  • Social and Ecological Resilience and Soft-shell Clam Management in Frenchman Bay - Mary Katharine O'Brien. 2015.
  • An Ecological Study of Mammal Populations on Burying Island, Maine - Chloe Chen-Kraus. 2014.
  • Subtidal Ecology of Frenchman Bay: Establishing Long-Term Monitoring Sites - John Alexander Brett, 2011.
  • The Natural History and Nesting Ecology of Leach's Storm-petrel (Oceanodroma leucorhoa) - Anna Perry. 2010.