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Thorncat Help

Search Tips for Thorncat


Capitalization is ignored. 

Example Maine woods will get the same results as maine Woods

Dashes are ignored.

Exampletongue-tied will get the same results as tongue-tied


Phrases, Words & Word Order

Phrase searching is recognized.  Use double quotes to search for an exact phrase.

Example"democratic education"

Word order is ignored.

Exampleorganic grower will get the same results as grower organic

a, as, and, the, not, of, or are not ignored, i.e., every word you enter is searched. (This is not the case in most databases.)

Example:  A title search on golden and compass will not find the title Golden Compass because "and" is not in the title


Author Searches

Word order, capitalization and commas are ignored. 

Example:  abraham Lincoln and Lincoln, Abraham and Lincoln Abraham will all get the same results