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GIS-Based Tools

When opening a business, there are so many variables that business owners have to think about such as market potential, business location, demographics, and consumer spending. Let’s say you want to open a coffee shop in Manhattan and you want to figure out the best location to open your business. On ArcGIS Business Analyst, you can access data on income and spending of consumers, rate of crime, rent prices of neighborhoods in Manhattan to determine the most suitable location for your coffee shop.


Example of a student's GIS project: using ArcGIS Business Analyst to assess income and spending of potential customers

COA offers a GIS class every term taught by Gordon Longsworth. Each student in the class is given access to GIS and ArcGIS Business Analyst. If you have not taken a GIS class yet and need access to ArcGIS Business Analyst, you can contact Gordon, and he would be happy to give you access to it. Learn more about GIS Lab at COA here

GIS Business Analyst

To give you a better idea of how ArcGIS Business Analyst can help you with market research, check out the video below on how to do a site evaluation using the tools and demographic, business, consumer, and lifestyle data provided in the Business Analyst Web app.